Sunday, October 24, 2010

VOICE OUT: purpose tee

Jahid Jahim bought my tee!!!
woohoo.. thank you Sir!

This is the nut-case who did the the logo for the event...

a live painting demo by the ARTpreciate team led by Cracko...great bunch of people! you should see their work... , cool stuff I tell you.
mind you these bunch of artist are professionals when it comes to this. don't play-play, I had the privileged to meet Anddy Romeo Dulait, also a great artist come see , i met Phey... ... they gang from Mayuri House of Art... all great people!

this my new friend, Donald Abraham, most people know him as Yak-Yak. his works amazes me, i cant say much you guys have to check him out

one of the my models....hehe

available after 13th November 2010
some of the proceeds will go to The Youth -PREP Centre in support for their charity work!
interested? give me a comment or email me your details( address, phone number, email) to get your tees, oh added RM5 for postal delivery friends, in case if you're out-stationed.

friends, check out this link i got from the JADEsisters, doing a cover of "lean on me" with the official tee...hehe..enjoy!